Lica Mishelle

Founder & Unit Director

It’s weird (and hard) to talk about yourself in a way that’s interesting. I’m a Charlotte native (Queen City!) and like most people did what my parents told me. I went to college. I finished (barely) and came out with crazy loans, no offers and no plan. All I knew is that I wanted to make a difference. So, I started a brand that I hoped would help people celebrate their own differences. The Ghood Kind and Ghood Girl Magic are like my babies!

When I thought of Ghood Girl Magic, I just wanted to show people, especially young girls, how great it is to own your own truth, and not let others tell you what is and isn’t beautiful. Then I found out about The Clark Experiments and I was shocked and infuriated. After that, I knew Ghood Girl Magic was something we needed. Hopefully, with each year we do this, we can shift minds to understand that beauty isn’t one look, one shade, or once race. Beauty is in every person, in everything.

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