If you’re our customer, we’re looking at how you shop the site, what your favourite categories are, what your average spend is, whether you buy a skirt with your top… or heels with your dress, what pages you’re looking at, how long you’re spending shopping and how often you come back. Blah, blah, blah.

We use all this data to improve your shopping journey, serve you relevant content and hope this will encourage you to buy more. 

Missguided isn’t just bossin’ the UK though. We trade globally and have localised websites in USA, Ireland, France, Australia, Germany Poland and Spain. We make sure that each of these websites are localised to their market and the product, price and promotions are relevant. What’s appropriate in the UK isn’t necessarily appropriate in France and what works in USA may be a flop in Germany. Not to mention that Australia is in Summer season when we’re in Winter! So much to think about, right? 

Oh, and the final biggie. We need to be commercial thinkers. Everything we do needs to be in the interest of making profit and bringing in the $$$$$$. 

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