Work doesn't get any better than a kick@#% mission and a passionate team behind it. Learn more about GHOOD GIRL Magic career opportunities and our work culture that fuels our business and mission.

Our Story.

Recent graduate, living at home with parents and no job; that's the story of our founder, Lica Mishelle, and where she started when GHOOD GIRL Magic began.

When I thought of Ghood Girl Magic, I just wanted to show people, especially young girls, how great it is to own your own truth, and not let others tell you what is and isn’t beautiful. Then I found out about The Clark Experiments and I was shocked and infuriated. After that, I knew Ghood Girl Magic was something we needed. Hopefully, with each year we do this, we can shift minds to understand that beauty isn’t one look, one shade, or once race. Beauty is in every person, in everything.

Our Impact.

Since our first parade debut in 2017 we've reached over 1.4 million lives. Features from The Shade Room, XO Necole and other media platforms have raised awareness of the GHOOD GIRL Magic brand as a staple for holiday parades; exclusively to date, the Novant Health Thanksgiving Day Parade ranked Top 10 Holiday Parade in the nation.

Our mission

Together we unbox beauty.  In a world where racism and colorism still exist, we’re obsessed with sharing the beauty of all shades of women to the world.

Our culture

We're here to show the world the beauty of embracing differences; behind the scenes it's no different. Self-love and mastery are at the heart of our business. Every team member is encouraged to be the best version of themselves; continually learning and working towards a passion so fulfilling that it rarely feels like "work".

We embrace remote work, bitmojis and a healthy work-life balance. Team perks, unique rewards and exciting working environments are just a few examples of GHOOD GIRL Magic life. 

Our last survey told us 95% of participants were Very Satisfied with their GHOOD GIRL Magic Experience.

Our #moods

Our #moods are our mantras. Other companies would call them values. At GHOOD GIRL Magic we call them #moods because they're a daily practice and a state of mind. Our #moods guide everything in our business from how we do things to the way that we work.

#SelfLove    #BetterTogether    #WokeAF

Open positions

Marketing, digital, creative services, fashion buying, human resource and even legal - there are more than enough opportunities to join the GHOOD GIRL squad.

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