Because girls of all shades should feel beautiful too

A parade unit where life-size dolls of your favorite characters and women of culture come to life, that’s us! In a world where racism still has its roots, we’re on a mission to making diversity a life-size reality.

Liked us in the parade? You'll love our tea party!

We’re planning a tea party for you and your little one to enjoy sweets, treats and create memories she’ll never forget. All while meeting new friends and learning about the beauty of diversity, self-confidence and self- worth! Interested? All we need is your email and we’ll let you in on all the details once they’re complete*.

*Tea Party series is hosted for young girls 12 years of age or younger.

Making diversity a life-size reality

We are Ghood Girl Magic, a specialty parade unit featured in the Thanksgiving Parade in Charlotte, NC. We believe that all girls of all backgrounds should be empowered in the fact that all shades are beautiful. In the most creative way, we’ve built a brand that inspires young girls and women to define their own standards of beauty.

1.4 million and counting

In our first year alone, we gained a social reach of over 1.4 million across the globe! Our message in making diversity a life-size reality has only just begun.

Our magic makes a difference

Last year, over 100,000 were in attendance at the Thanksgiving parade. Not to mention we had a 93% positive sentiment for feedback on the Ghood Girl Magic Experience.

Community at heart

50+ individual take part in making our unit magical. Models, make up artists, local business and more contribute to the Ghood Girl Experience.

The Clark Doll Experiment

The Clark Doll Experiment (1939) was an experiment done by Dr Kenneth Clark and his wife Mamie where they asked black children to choose between a black doll and a white doll. The dolls were the same except for their skin color but most thought the white doll was nicer.

This, along with other sad truths of the world, inspired the theme and heart of our brand. Check out the video below to see why we’re long overdue for some Ghood Girl Magic.

Breaking Beauty Barriers Today

Models in our unit are all “young Naomis in-the-making” and are of all shades, shapes and sizes. We’re proud to expose fresh faces to the beauty industry who are eager to use their passion to create change.

Each of our models have a unique story that inspired them to pursue their dreams. Click the link below to learn more about our Ghood Girls!

“Being Unit Director for this a second year 💕 I LOVE OUR MESSAGE and extremely passionate about it. Blood sweat and tears (literally and figuratively) into this because IT MATTERS. Seeing a reflection of yourself matters. Knowing who you are, what you’ve been and what you can become, or surpass, matters.”

Lica Mishelle
Founder & Unit Director, Ghood Girl Magic

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